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Let's face it...most people would LOVE to learn to play the piano!  You've seen the movie scenes, where the dashing hero enters the swanky party, sits down at a piano and ROCKS THE HOUSE!  The ladies want him and the men want to be him.  It's like he has some kind of magic...a superpower to entertain and thrill people, to turn a dull gathering into a lively, memorable night of sing-a-longs, dancing and laughter!  That HERO could be YOU! Now, without magic or superpowers, you can master the piano with less time, effort and money than you ever dreamed possible!  Imagine, being the center of attention at your church, family gatherings, parties or even playing concerts and jamming with fellow musicians...nothing is out of the realm of possibility with Easy As That Piano!

Just 15 minutes a day for 3 days with this method, creates a musician!

One day with one of his systematic products is all it takes and you are guaranteed to start understanding how music works and playing songs right away...even if you have never touched a piano in your life!

As you sit down to your keyboard and begin working through the easy-to-read lessons, you will learn about:

online piano lessonsThe basics of how the Piano works and it's Notes
online piano lessonsWhat Piano Chords are and what they are used for
learn piano onlineWhat Chord Sequences and Note Additions are and how to use them
piano lessons onlineCreative Chords and Professional Sequences
online piano teachingChord Inversions and Inverted Sequences
online piano tutorialHow to Start Playing Any Song!
fast piano lessonsTransposition
learn to play piano lessonsScales
how to play piano lessonsComposing your own music!

What's best about Easy As That Piano is that Arturo has written it in a simplistic, easy-to-follow way so anyone can understand. Your hands are on the keys, making music and grasping the techniques and concepts that other piano teachers drag out over months or years!

Arturo has made this amazing program as brief yet comprehensive as possible. This piano learning system is efficient. No time is wasted on music theory, history or banging out old nursery rhyme songs. You'll learn how to play what you want to play...fast!

Easy As That Piano is available in many formats, including a downloadable ebook, Kindle for multiple devices, and a hard copy wire-bound version to flip through as you sit at your piano!

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Easy As That Piano will teach you to play piano by ear...in days, not years!
Ever entered a room with a piano and wished you could sit down and ROCK THE HOUSE?

Learning to play the piano does not have to be stressful, expensive and time-consuming. With the techniques in "Easy as That Piano" you will learn all you need to know about making music on the piano. Whether you want to compose your own songs or simply cover your favorite artists, Easy As That Piano will quickly and easily teach you how to master your keyboard and play by ear. Developed by a dedicated, self-taught musician this systematic approach to learning the piano couldn't be simpler or easier to follow. Aspiring musicians of all ages have raved about Arturo Moises, author and musician who has inspired, encouraged and taught them how to develop their own musical talents.

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