What You'll Learn

As you sit down to your keyboard and begin working through the easy-to-read lessons, you’ll learn about:

How Music Works

The basics of how the piano works and what notes are.

Piano Chords

What Piano Chords are and what they are used for in making music.

Sequences & Note Additions

What Chord Sequences and Note Additions are and how to use them.


Chord Inversions and Inverted Sequences for versatility.

Transposition & Scales

What are transposition and scales and how to use both.


Begin composing your very own original music!

Take it from Our Students

See What Our Students Say About Easy As That Piano!

“El libro fue una buena idea!” (Translation: “The book was a great idea”) Grammy Award winning Latin celebrity and Merengue legend Johnny Ventura was thrilled when then 16-year-old author, Arturo Moises, shared his revolutionary piano learning system with him in his home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Johnny expressed that in all his decades in the entertainment industry as the father of Merengue music, he regretted that he’d never had time to learn how to play piano. In a few short hours, Arturo had Johnny playing cords and learning songs!

Johnny Ventura

“A monkey could follow the program! You are a great teacher, aiming for getting the student to move ahead rather than stay behind really helps, and the tricks you talk about have helped me the most. (Only the) Second day I’ve been playing too, and I’m usually a slow learner with instruments so that’s saying something about my teacher. I’m almost done with “ZoomZoom Into Me,” by Tokyo Hotel! You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had! You’ve only been teaching me for a day!!”

Jacqueline Rivera

Learn More About Easy As That Piano

Now you can learn to play your favorite songs, with BOTH hands in the span of a week!

You. A Musician. This Week!

Easy As That Piano Learning System

Let’s face it…most people would LOVE to learn to play the piano! You’ve seen the movie scenes, where the dashing hero enters the swanky party, sits down at a piano and ROCKS THE HOUSE! The ladies want him and the men want to be him. It’s like he has some kind of magic…a superpower to entertain and thrill people, to turn a dull gathering into a lively, memorable night of sing-a-longs, dancing and laughter!

That HERO could be YOU!

Now, without magic or superpowers, you can master the piano with less time, effort and money than you ever dreamed possible! Imagine, being the center of attention at your church, family gatherings, parties or even playing concerts and jamming with fellow musicians…nothing is out of the realm of possibility with Easy As That Piano!

Just 15 minutes a day for 7 days with this method, creates a musician!

One day with one of his systematic products is all it takes and you are guaranteed to start understanding how music works and playing songs right away…even if you have never touched a piano in your life!

What’s best about Easy As That Piano is that Arturo has written it in a simplistic, easy-to-follow way so anyone can understand. Your hands are on the keys, making music and grasping the techniques and concepts that other piano teachers drag out over months or years!

Arturo has made this amazing program as brief yet comprehensive as possible. This piano learning system is efficient. No time is wasted on music theory, history or banging out old nursery rhyme songs. You’ll learn how to play what you want to play…fast!

Easy As That Piano is available in many formats, including a downloadable ebook, Kindle for multiple devices, and a hard copy wire-bound version that is easy to flip through as you play!


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  • Preface


How to Play the Piano

Welcome to Easy As That – The Revolutionary Piano Guide. Before we get started, I’d like you
to know a few things about the piano and what you’ll be learning in this Seven Day Program.
The piano is the easiest instrument you could possibly learn how to play, and the most
creative tool ever made. It isn’t really just about classical music like you see on T.V. You can
play your favorite pop songs (my personal favorite use), R&B/rap, Blues, Country
music, Latin music, Jazz, Rock, even Metal, and so much more. People who can sing
and/or want to learn how to sing, or those interested in producing/engineering music, choose
the piano because it is the most versatile and convenient for their composing purposes.
By the time you’re done with this guide, you’ll see the piano the same way I do. You’ll laugh
and notice that it’s all just common sense. See, the average piano teacher tends to complicate
the piano by overwhelming you with a lot of unnecessary sheet music and mandating that as
the only method to learning how to play.

The image above displays characters from the Mandarin/Chinese alphabet, based on their
Logograms. The phrase is pronounced “Ni hao”, meaning “Hi”, in English. Isn’t it easier to just
say “Ni hao” perfectly, and understand exactly what you’re saying, than to break your head for
years trying to read those sticks? This is the perfect analogy to compare the Easy as That
Piano approach versus traditional piano lessons based on sheet music. My method is like
teaching you how to speak Mandarin fluently, like a native from China, in less than ONE
week – except you will be reading the language with our traditional ABCs. If you’re okay
with that, then you’re about to get started!

Originally, I learned how to play the piano on my own, without the internet, or a teacher, from a
keyboard in my closet at 11 years old. After music school, and playing for over a decade now,
I created this book to reveal all of the secrets I wish I knew when I first started. I was self
taught, and classically trained later on. Wielding both perspectives, I combine them in the
teachings of this program. Upon the completion of “Easy as That Piano”, you will have
acquired the ability to show off whenever there’s a piano in the room – playing hit songs, and
even composing your own, using your new branch of creativity. You’ll learn a simple method of
reading music called “Chord Notation” (music notation based on the ABCs). In a nutshell – you
will also understand notes, harmony, chords, different types of chords and their variations,
creative chord sequences, how to play with the right hand and left hand together, chord
inversions, transposition, and scales. Have Fun!

About Easy As That Piano's Creator

At the age of 17, Arturo Moises developed the “Easy As That Piano” instructional course that easily teaches even those who’ve never laid their fingers on a keyboard how to play their favorite songs in just a few days. Now, in it's Third Edition. Easy As That Piano is easier and more fun than ever!

Arturo Moises Musician and Author of Easy As That Piano

Easy As That Author Arturo Moises

Arturo Moises is a self-taught pianist and singer/songwriter. Below is his original song, “The Life You Chose”, available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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