Arturo Moises, Author of ‘Easy As That Piano’



Easy as That Piano is a comprehensive piano learning method originally developed by Arturo Moises, who was a self-taught 17-year-old high school student at the time and needed to organize how he really learned on his own to teach everyone around him. He attended music school, and has now been playing for nearly a decade. Updating his systematic approach with both perspectives of playing with and without sheet music, Arturo Moises has learned how to separate the two: Reading sheet music, and reading the piano. Always with his fingers on the keys, his obsession and dedication drove him to play in the morning, at music school, and practice almost all night for years, and still does.

Out of frustration from searching for an easier way to both teach and learn the piano, he compiled the simplest ways to learn how to play, the fastest ways to get you into the world of music without the use of sheet music – overthrowing the traditional ways of learning how to play that takes years to endure.

Arturo Moises Author Easy As That Piano

Throughout the years, Arturo has written down the easiest ways to learn and developed secrets to enter the world of piano.

This systematic approach has been carefully constructed and developed into images/diagrams and pictures step by step teaching the student how to play like it was riding a bike. The fastest way; faster than any other method today. It has taught world-known celebrities, just as it has kids in school. It is the universal source to becoming a new-born musician in less than a week.

Experts and lifelong musicians have reviewed the guide and agreed, it is an effective, quick and easy system for learning notes, chords, octaves and all the ingredients that go into making beautiful music. No one explains music theory as clearly as Arturo Moises. And his enthusiasm to both teach and learn the piano is unmatched! He encourages his students to believe in their own abilities and banishes the natural intimidation that most people feel when first sitting on the piano bench.

This unique guide promises to teach you in less than a week how to master notes, chord notation, play along to your favorite songs and even create your own original tunes! “Easy As That Piano” has revolutionized the way people learn music. Arturo Moises is the proud founder of it all.