Beginner Piano Lessons That Make You Feel Like a Pro!

johnny ventura easy as that piano learning
Grammy Award Winning Latin Celebrity and Merengue Legend
Johnny Ventura

“El libro fue una buena idea!”

(Translation: “The book was a great idea”)
~ Johnny Ventura, Grammy Award Winning International Merengue Superstar


“Easy As That has helped me so much in my playing! I can now play any song that I like on the piano.”

~Teddy Siu Chun, ‘Easy As That Piano’ student


“I can pretty much play whatever I want now! I REALLY recommend it!”

~Jordan Leonard, ‘Easy As That Piano’ student


“Easy As That WORKS! It’s truly an amazing idea.”

~ Richard Young, professional pianist


nasser easy as that piano learn lessons
Easy As That Piano Student Nasser Rihan


“It doesn’t feel like learning, it just feels like…doing! Like I could already do it and I just needed someone to point me in the right direction!”

~ Nasser Rihan, High School student/Easy As That Piano student

Jacqueline Rivera Easy As That Piano Student
Easy As That Piano Student Jacqueline Rivera

“A monkey could follow the program! You are a great teacher, aiming for getting the student to move ahead rather than stay behind really helps, and the tricks you talk about have helped me the most. (Only the) Second day I’ve been playing too, and I’m usually a slow learner with instruments so that’s saying something about my teacher. I’m almost done with “ZoomZoom Into Me,” by Tokyo Hotel!  You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had!  You’ve only been teaching me for a day!!”

~ Jacqueline Rivera, College student/Easy As That Piano student

If you are seeking Beginner Piano Lessons that won’t make you lose your enthusiasm the first day, ‘Easy As That Piano’ is for you!  More inspiring testimonials to come!  Please check back soon!