Private voice lessons are now available throughout the NYC area! Arturo Moises, the author of “Easy As That,” the Revolutionary Piano Guide, has professionally instructed piano courses internationally. He has even imparted lessons to the most known Merengue Superstar, Johnny Ventura.




NYC AREA ONLY:646-248-0661

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Private Vocal Lessons with Arturo Moises


Arturo Moises is now offering professional vocal instruction on location (anywhere in New York City.) He incorporates the systematic approaches of 5 completely different vocal training programs with his own knowledge and experience.

Arturo has mastered the knowledge and techniques of the 5 top-selling vocal mastery programs…the same programs that taught superstar professional singers such as Taylor Swift (Solo Pop Star), Michael Barnes (Lead Singer of the Band “Red”), Halley Williams (Lead Singer of the Band “Paramore”), and many others how to master their voices.

In order to help singers of all ages and experience levels, Arturo has distilled the best of these voice mastery approaches into one comprehensive program and will impart every ounce of it to his students. His private instruction will guarantee a professional vocalist.



Together, you will work on key components of the voice including vocal techniques such as:

  • Chest Voice

    singing lessons NYC
    NYC Singing Lessons
  • Mixed Voice
  • Head Voice
  • Middle voice
  • Blend voice
  • Taking Control of The Registers
  • Passagio
  • Falseto
  • Riffs and Runs
  • Vibrato
  • Vocal Fry
  • Edge
  • Belting

…and much more.






Included with these comprehensive voice lessons, Arturo will also be teaching his students how to play the piano! It is crucial for a vocalist to learn how to play the piano. And to enter each technique, he will provide professional, personalized training to improve and strengthen every nuance of your voice necessary to sing properly and freely which includes:

      • The crucial skill of isolating fine muscles – to separate the muscles you want to activate from the muscles you want to relax.
      • Tongue release exercises. They will eliminate every thought of strain, make you feel as if your voice is set free from years of incarceration.
      • Getting more power and richness with far less effort – Immediately.
      • Access muscles you never even knew existed.
      • Sustain longer notes and phrases.
      • Sing with greater trust and confidence – immediately.
      • The magical difference between power and force.
      • Why “Breath-control” is no longer needed.
      • How to practice effectively anywhere.
      • How to make your voice deeper, richer, fuller and freer.
      • How to heal hoarseness and prevent hoarseness in the first place.
      • How to recover from vocal fatigue. Recover between phrases, between exercises, between songs, and from day to day.
      • How to sing more accurately on pitch. You’ll experience why singing on key is far easier than you might have thought. And if you sing off key, you’ll know why.
      • How to access the fine muscles that make range happen.
      • The real reason your voice “breaks.”
      • What needs to be done to achieve a seamless voice. (No “cracks” or “breaks”.)
      • The anatomy of vocal range. Get a complete experiential understanding of it.
      • How to make those high notes soar. Eliminate strain – And not only when you go high but when you sing in general.
      • Why common instructions such as “sing though your mask”, or “place the sound” hinders range development enormously.
      • The effect breathing has on voice problems.
      • How to make your breathing flow effortlessly to empower your sound and expression.
      • How to develop your unique resonance (and how to affect it.)
      • How to improve your performance – and the simple shifts that make you more attractive to an audience.

…and so much more.



NYC AREA ONLY: 1-646-248-0661


Arturo Moises teaches a Broadway style of singing, or Pop/R&B as well. His approach to voice mastery delivers a professional, impressive, colorful and original result. He accesses every part of the student’s voice and brings out the potential, developing his or her own unique, personal style. With this potential, he will explode the talent hidden within you and incorporate every secret he knows to help you master every technique there is to know and become a true vocal artist.

Due to time constraints, these personal one-on-one lessons will only be available to a limited number of students. Call now to take part in this life-changing professional vocal training!